Bodyguard Training App

The Bodyguard Training APP can be used by those considering training to become a Bodyguard (BG) or Close Protection Officer (CPO), it can also be used as an aid memoir for bodyguards already in the industry. All information is taken from a real, International SIA Bodyguard course. It consists of personal insights, operational knowledge and best practice, delivered by an ex-military trainer.

  • 6 Chapters
  • 25 Micro Lessons
  • Over 300 Presentation Slides
  • 10 Unique Commissioned Videos
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch & iPad. Requires iPhone OS 2.2 or later. WiFi, Edge, or 3G network connection sometimes required.
Requires Android 16 and higher. WiFi, Edge, or 3G network connection sometimes required.


The Bodyguard Training App is written by Tony - TBone who has been working in the security industry for 25 years.

TBone has worked in all the worlds conflict areas, protecting all persons from all different cultures and backgrounds, including CEO's, Royalty, Film Stars and celebrities. TBone continues to work in the industry. He is based in Merseyside and is employed at a close protection training company and provides Bodyguards to companies throughout the world.

We would all like to say thank you to all those involved in creating the Bodyguard Training App. With special thanks to the trainees on the course for allowing us to film and a BIG thank you to Phillip Macdonald the cameraman, director & editor.


Version 1.0

Released on 30th November, 2013
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